Direct Mail – Get That Envelope Open

Direct Mail – Get That Envelope Open

Direct mail is considered as a very effective tool, when done appropriately. Digital strategies still playing good in the market, few marketers have found out that a multi-channel approach, using both direct mail and digital marketing, goes well hand-in-hand. As a matter of fact, direct mail has witnessed revival over the last few years. Prior your direct mail to be effective, you ought to get your envelope open. Only then can they revert to your call-to-action and amplify your ROI.

Certain Tips:

Envelope Type: Here at A&G Envelopes, we promote our patrons to use #10 window envelope. A plain white window envelope connects to the recipient that whatever is inside is of business nature. And also if you’re using a plastic card as a portion of your direct mail piece, allowing the card flippantly peek through the window adds that inherent value and stimuli the prospect to open it.

Human Touch:Β Though many direct mail provide you with the option of forwarding a β€œhandwritten” envelope, most patrons are smart enough to this β€œtrick,” though few of these applications may be very convincing. If you don’t want your envelope to be similar to those thousand piece mailing, use a First Class stamp in lieu of an indicia. A stamp obviously needs human touch, hence, the recipient will believe that your direct mail piece stands personal.

Return Address:Β The return address is the second priority or area a recipient looks towards. So some effort should be inserted before proceeding with your mailing. Why do you thing they give second preference to that area? Because they desire to know… who is conveying the correspondence? If they already received mail from the same firm previously? If the sender is an authentic firm? Eventually, the information discovered on the return address will determine whether or not to open the envelope. Owing to this reason, avoid using a P.O. box- instead use a street address.

Teaser Copy:Β There are debates regarding whether or not teaser copy should be added on the envelope. Adding a teaser may create some excitement or may even yield curiosity, while you must not mislead the recipient. Transparency should be your motto. Also, carefully place your teasers. Have a glance over the USPS guidelines to be clear of any β€œoff limits” portions of the envelope. As people usually spend most of their time checking the envelope’s back, a teaser there enable them to re-emphasize your message and augment brand goodwill.