Why Standard Envelopes?

Why Standard Envelopes?

Commercial mailing envelopes are regarded as the most popular style being used in business and daily mailings. These are basically known as โ€œregular envelopesโ€ or โ€œstandard window envelopes.โ€

The No. 1 reason to pick Standard Envelope- SERVICE!

  1. We hear you, the patron and realize that you require fast, reliable and dependable customer service coupled with quality and cheap products. Standard envelopes came into being with the sole purpose of delivering this to small and mid-size value added providers.
  2. We are strategically situated in Melbourne which enable us to deliver products within just fraction of days.
  3. We also have automatic electronic shipment notification and tracking information!

Our products are pioneering and created out from the highest quality standards!

Regular envelopes are the standard of business envelopes.

  1. This typical product range encompass the famous #10 envelope which measures about 4 1/8 โ€œby 9 ยฝ.โ€
  2. All standard or regular envelopes have a solid front with no window, and a regular flap on the back. Certain Standard Envelopes have certain exceptional features, encompassing security tint in order to conceal the contents and pre-moistened adhesive flaps for simple closure. Businesses use these particular envelopes to convey invoices, checks, letters and other types of mailings.

Standard Envelope Sizes

When it comes to ordering a standard envelope; itโ€™s essential to realize which sizes are standard and well-known.

Wholesale Envelopes

Shop envelopes of all sizes, styles and colours. Wholesale envelopes Melbourne to the trade. We at A&G Envelopes offer wholesale envelopes couple with quality at a fraction of the cost across Melbourne. Explore our collection to discover how you can save big on amazing items.

A leading manufacturer & supplier of standard wholesale envelopes

The Premiere Manufacturer and supplier of custom envelopes for direct mail, we at A&G Envelopes manufacture standard envelopes, booklet and window envelopes. Our main ambition is to ensure that we deliver every client with the best envelope products, flawless quality and personalized customer service. Our clients range from advertising agencies, financial services, insurance and medical institution who not only use envelopes for statement fulfilment and advertising requirements, but also for serving other non-direct marketing segments of their businesses. A&G Envelope Company is a conspicuous envelope manufacturer, supplier in Melbourne.