Get Mini & Square Size Envelopes Guide

Get Mini & Square Size Envelopes Guide

Dealing with envelopes sometimes may turn into a boring and complicated task, specifically if theyโ€™re not something you cope with on a frequent basis. There are very few common envelope sizes like #10 (the standard business letterhead envelope) and a #9 (the standard reply envelope thatโ€™s available for all your bills) and then there are numerous other standard sizes like A2, A7, 4-Bar, #6 ยพ, and the list goes on.

Standard Australian Envelope Sizes!

Envelope Type Envelope Dimensions in Millimetres
11B Envelope Size 90x140mm
DL Envelope Size 110x220mm
C6 Envelope Size 114x162mm
DLX Envelope Size 120x235mm
DLE Envelope Size 114x225mm

Seeking for something that doesnโ€™t fit within these envelope sizes?

Like to think beyond imagination? Thatโ€™s FINE; the professional unit at A&G Envelopes does well. This is why we deliver custom envelope sizes to our patrons all over Australia, and can also suggest a personalized solution for you as per your specified needs or requirements!

Mini Envelopes Australia

You can say it as, our mini envelopes are petite in size but big in style. With a host of uses ranging from gift card envelopes to place card holders and other professional uses such as holding business cards, these ideal petite envelopes are availed to you in different styles and in a broad spectrum of colours from bold to metallic.

Envelopes are created in different sizes to meet the size of content they encompass, In order to measure the size of an envelope, the side where the flap lies is always termed as the last dimension, for instance, 110x220mm signifies a wallet or a banker, and 220x110mm signifies a pocket envelope.

Once youโ€™ve determined the size you need, the type or style you need. Starting from side seam to ticket, commercial flap to metal clasp, we will show you what envelope styles are for you to choose from.

150mm Square Envelopes Melbourne

A 150 square envelope Melbourne is an ideal size to stock a 145 square or less invitation or announcement. The size is perfect for all occasions- particularly for wedding invitations, date announcements as well as greeting cards.ย  150mm square envelopes are accessible in different colours and in a host of smooth, textured and metallic touches.

Have a glance over our different envelope types and sizes on offer and also acquire an online quote today!