Seals and Windows for Envelopes

An important part of any company’s marketing strategy is the branding and design of their stationary. To ensure a professional and consistent look, the same stationery of the same quality and colour can be used across all communication channels. Quality design in business stationary is about more than just paying attention to the colour and the form of the stationary, but it also extends to seals and windows.

How Seals Factor In

The seal on the envelope keeps the contents secure and closes the envelope completely. The kind of seal that is most commonly used is the lick and stick. That’s an adhesive strip that is turned into an effective seal by applying some moisture. They can be packed flat, and many businesses prefer them because of how economical and convenient they are. Pressure sensitive, self-seal strips can be applied to either the bottom and top flaps, and by folding the strip down and applying pressure, the envelope will be closed and its contents secured. That’s perfect for people who are unable to access any moisture application for the envelopes or who don’t like the idea of licking the envelopes. Wax tape is utilised by strip seals and it is placed over an adhesive. After closing the envelope, the tape strip can be pulled back to seal the envelope shut. This provides a secure seal and bears the mark of high quality.

The Envelope Window

Any envelope that has plastic covered cut-outs is known as a windowed envelope. These have been used for over a hundred years, and that handy window allows the address to be printed on the inside of the envelope. That makes the envelope reusable, and the receiver can use it to return something to the sender. This saves time and money, and it is a very cost effective mailing method for businesses to use. The windowed envelope allows the receiver to save time when sending mail back, as they can simply reuse an address already printed on the correspondence. It can simply be refolded instead of rewritten, which is very convenient for the customer. When you choose your style of envelope, you should consider the seal and window used on your correspondence. We offer a wide range of mailing solutions that have both seals and windows for your convenience. Please contact us today to find out how we can provide mailing solutions for your business.